5 Qualities of a Great Leader

5 Qualities of a Great Leader | John Andraos

The business world needs leadership, and great leadership creates success. The word “leader” typically makes people think of those in charge. However, leadership is not just about seniority but rather about those who find a balance between character, performance, and business intelligence. They have vision, passion, focus, patience, and integrity.


Great leaders have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish. Additionally, successful leaders can create a vision, articulate that vision, passionately own and relentlessly drive until the idea is completed. Vision sets leaders apart from managers because leaders strive for the future. Leaders must also be able to commit to their vision share it with others, turn it into a reality.


To be successful at anything, there must be passion. No great leader is ever satisfied, and they are always consistently pushing to do something bigger and better. Passion pushes leaders forward because they have a robust and uncontrollable desire for success. Furthermore, passion excites and ignites the love of others, which is needed for a successful organization.


Sometimes leadership entails making important, but unpopular decisions because great leaders are always focused on the needs of the company. A leader has to be able to focus on business results, how to achieve them, and who has to get what done. Focus may be one of the most valued qualities of a leader because they must make sure everyone is concentrated and focused on the performance and results.


Great leaders are also smart, which means they know not to expect immediate results. Leaders understand that patience is not about waiting for results, rather it’s about following through and executing the plan, not giving up, working hard and learning how to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


The core of integrity is truthfulness. Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Great leaders have great integrity because they tell the truth, in every situation. Truthfulness builds a high-quality foundation that is necessary for success. Integrity must be at the core of leaders if they to successfully inspire confidence in their teams.

Being a leader is both one of the most difficult and rewarding roles in the business world. Becoming a great leader can lead to a successful business, and while there are many qualities of a leader, these five are highly crucial for prosperity.

John Andraos aims to share his insights of leadership, team building, and entrepreneurship that he gained over the past 30 years. To learn more of his advice, check out his leadership blog or read his financial insight articles!

Originally published at johnandraos.com on December 20, 2017.


Author: John Andraos

John Andraos is a Managing Partner of South Western Financial Network and Insurance Services.

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